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Poetry Submission: A Modern Maoz Tzur

By Ben Bresky
12/16/2009, 12:00 AM

Maoz Tzur
by Ian Heiss

Mighty Rock I sing your praise,
G-d my sure salvation.
Once again the Temple raise,
May we offer thanks as a nation.
As one we will be healed and freed,
From those who practice evil as a deed,
And joyously, an offering bring,
In our celebration.

Pharaoh did oppress my soul;
Forced labor in brick and mortar.
From those with hearts as black as coal,
We were given no quarter.
Then your right hand and wondrous signs
Crushed the Pharaoh's grand designs.
Your outstretched hand, seized his army,
And buried them beneath the sea.

To the Temple Mount you led me,
But I strayed and did forget thee.
Exiled to strange Babylon,
Jerusalem we wept upon.
G-d judged them, their king and priest,
As their host sat down to their feast,
Our Shepard led us back again,
To serve once more as upright men.

Then the evil Haman sought,
To hang me on his gallows,
Yet it was himself he caught,
And hung by he who hallows.
With his sons Haman was hung
Songs of praise to Mordechai were sung.
The Persian King gave signet ring,
That the Israelite could sing,

We broke off the Grecian Chain,
In the Maccabean fight.
What little oil that remained,
Increased to light the holy light.
It burned eight days instead of one,
It's light outshone the Grecian Sun
We endure still by G-d our trust.
While their men sleep in the dust.

Lord please shine your holy light,
And bring us Salvation.
For each suffering martyr,
Judge each guilty nation.
Long we wept a river,
Now your Jews deliver.
From heaven,Your seven Sages send,
Without hesitation.

# # #

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