A Moldavian Church, a Cross and an Upside Down Menorah

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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When I think of Moldavia/Moldova, I think of the television show 'Dynasty' and the wedding massacre they made where everyone was shot and you didn't know who would survive for next season.  The script writer thought it would boost their ratings. What I don't think of,  is church led anti-semitic pograms against the Jews. But sadly, this is exactly what I have to report on.

I woke up this morning to the news in Hebrew, reporting about a Moldovan church priest who led his congregants
on an anti-semitic mission in Kishinev, to destroy a menorah in the town's square for the 8 day Chanukah holiday, and replace it with the wooden cross.  (see also our updated story)

The priest, marching with his congregants following behind, is reported to have been spouting anti-Jewish
and racial slurs.

"The Jews can try to kill us, to traumatize our children," but Moldovan Orthodox believers will resist, the priest said, speaking into a sound system. Moldova, he said, was an Orthodox country, and the Jewish people are trying to "dominate people." Allowing the menorah to be set up had been "a sacrilege, an indulgence of state power today,"
Marching towards Europe Square where the Chanukah menorah stood, he and his church-goers, in what looked like a 'religious cleansing' type ceremony, stole the Jewish menorah.  They then marched with the ripped off Jewish symbol of religious freedom, to Stefan cel Mare Square, where they dismembered the menorah and placed it's pieces 'upside down', in a sign, not unlike the satanic custom of contempt.

They did this in broad daylight.
They were not even violent or scary looking, as old women were part of their ilk.
Yet no one, no one watching this, did anything.

"Never again" you say?
It's at least 60 years after Hitler and the Holocaust, and 500+ years after the Inquisition where they burned Jews at the stake.  The world has learned nothing. 

Lest you forgot, the whole Chanukah holiday story is commemorating the fight for religious freedom.  It was the first time that a war had ever been fought - not for water, natural resources, wealth or borders, - but for religious freedom. Under the Greek-Syrian rule, Jews were not allowed to be Jews. They were forbidden from reading the Torah, from keeping the commandment of circumcision, and were totally religiously oppressed. They were commanded to 'Hellenize' ('globalize' [sic]). 

Seems like today we are seeing a repeat of the intolerance and hatred of the nations once again to anything Jewish. This time in Moldova.

The Dynasty cast had a script writer that in the end didn't improve their ratings, however, we too have a script-writer.  His name is G-d Almighty. He calls us His first born, His 'Chosen People'.   He writes in His script, the book of Numbers 24:9  "Those that bless you are blessed, and those who curse you are accursed."   The cast of characters we saw act in this video above, also didn't improve their ratings, and THEY will have to answer to G-d!