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Poetry Submission: Hearty Appetite - Mother to Avrumie

By Ben Bresky
11/15/2009, 12:00 AM

Hearty Appetite
by Judith Mesch

One day I said to young Avrumie
Of all the things that you call Yummy
Which would you wish most in your Tummy?
Avrumie pondered, eating Gummies
There’s not so much I think is Crummy
Just about anything suits my Tummy
A Pie
A Cake
Some chicken cutlets
A steak
Three eggs
A bowl of nutlets
A slice or two of cheesy Pizza
Or if I’m fleishig, I eat Meatsa
But tell me please,
I asked the youngster
There must be a favourite amongster
A food or snack
that’s so delicious
You’d choose it first of many dishes
Avrumie was not that ambitious
Not so, he said and shook his Kepple
I eat whatever’s in the Tepple
I like what’s right in front of me
I like the food that I can see
I start with food that’s on the table
And eat as long as I am able
I always eat from left to right
I eat until my pants get tight
Which isn’t until late at night

Although not what his mother wishes
It seemed haphazardly nutritious
I wished him well and washed the dishes

# # #

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