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The Only Solution to Terror

By Tzvi Fishman
11/10/2009, 12:00 AM

I have a pretty good idea what Rav Kahane would have said to the self-hating Jew, Goldstone, and his anti-Semetic, anti-Israel report on the war in Gaza.

Like on most issues, Rabbi Meir Kahane had a no-nonsense, no beating around the bush, solution on how to deal with terror.  

Here’s another excerpt from the compelling and learning-packed biography of Rabbi Kahane, written by his wife. No home Jewish library is complete if this book isn’t in it.

Rabbi Kahane believed that demonstrations against Arab terror were not enough. Only counter-terror could succeed in stopping terror. In the wake of the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich, he wrote:

Let us not underestimate the importance of the psychology of combatants in this deadly war of terror. The terrorists’ exploits, despite the fact that they were soaked in innocent blood, are nevertheless psychological victories that raise up from the dust the victory-poor Arabs. They also remind the world, long after it has gotten over the shock of the Munich victims, of the topic “Palestine.”

Together with this, there is the problem of the nations of the world who also suffer because of “those Israelis.” In Paris, the Masons receive a threat after they send a message of condolence to the Israeli branch.... A German weekly retracts an article unfavorable to the terrorists, again after threats. Air travelers throughout the world are forced to undergo lengthy searches that delay flight schedules and infuriate the passengers with the usual result – they direct their anger at the root of the whole mess: the Israelis.

It is imperative to eliminate – immediately and permanently – the terror plague.... It is obvious that the conventional methods of attack, such as a sweeping operation for two days in Lebanon, or air attacks on the terrorist bases do not begin to solve the problem. We must arrive at the decision to use unlimited counter-terror; to strike directly at Arab leaders and to bring terror into the streets of Cairo, Damascus and Tripoli. Only this will bring an end to the criminal Arab attacks.

And as for the argument that the State [of Israel] dare not be dragged into the sensitive matter of terror lest the effect on world public opinion be negative, I suggest a number of replies that Israel might take to her critics:

1) Just as the Arab states openly support terrorists with money, training, false papers, materials, operation bases and sanctuaries – so do we support our own “unofficial” terrorists...

If this is, perhaps, too strong a reply for the “moralists,” I suggest the following one:

2) We, the State of Israel, solemnly and categorically condemn all actions by Jewish counter-terrorists. We understand, however, the root causes of their actions – frustration and bitterness. Therefore, so long as the Arabs continue their terrorist activities we will be unable to put a stop to them.

The time is not too late to set up such a group.  As it says in the Torah, “Thou shall not stand idly by thy brother’s blood.”