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Poetry Submission: Israeli Politicians

By Ben Bresky
10/28/2009, 12:00 AM

Israeli Politicians
by Brandon Marlon

Sergeants of surrender
Captains of capitulation
Admirals of appeasement
Lead a split nitwit populace to doom
One bomb and rocket at a time
On Heaven’s chosen dime

Lefty antics of self-destructive smut
Collapse dreams of other brothers
More in tune with self-love than self-hate
Enough to make an Israel-lover irate

At the grossly ignoble state of the State
That nowadays looks to be a finite experiment

Jews need a righteous Judge or pious King
A poetic Prophet and humble High Priest
Leaders who are clear, bold and decisive
Un-plagued by modern moral ambiguity

Unencumbered by self-defeatism and stupidity
Willing to stand their ground on their ground

I hope I live to see that very day
I wish for it privately as others pray
But no breath will be held for such drastic change
For such a radical fantasy far out of range

Elected Israelis are but fools of the hour
Lacking the longevity of a higher power

# # #

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