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Poetry Submission: No One Left to Blame by Kathy Napper

By Ben Bresky
10/19/2009, 12:00 AM

No One Left to Blame
by Kathy Napper, 2009

This poem wrote itself late last night after one too many Holocaust documentaries plus a particularly nasty Goldstone Report, and refused to let me rest until it was out and on the page. This should be read with large doses of "Chas Ve'Chalila" and "Be'Ezrat Hashem" and an earnest plea to Almighty G-d that such a situation should never, ever, ever arise!

"Master, have you seen the papers?
Jews are dying by the score!"
"Have you nothing new to tell me?
Didn’t bother me before!"

"Master, have you heard the latest?
Hundreds of the Jews are dead!"
"Wouldn’t care if it were thousands!
Tell me something new instead!"

"Master, hear the news they’re telling!
Thousands of them slaughtered now!"
"So they’ve killed a couple 'a thousand!
Ain’t no cause to make a row!"

"Master, now they’re killing millions!
This is bad, you must confess!"
"Kill them all for all that I care!
What’s a million more or less?"

"Master, all the Jews are dead now!
Things will never be the same!"
"No indeed! What a disaster!
Now we’ve no one left to blame!"

# # #

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