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In The Beginning

By Tzvi Fishman
10/19/2009, 12:00 AM

Question: I think you place too much emphasis on sexuality. What does it have to do with Israel or the Jewish People?


It's our job to bring mankind back to the Garden

Sexuality has everything to do with Israel and the Jewish People. Mankind’s first transgression, which brought about man’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden, resulted from Adam and Eve’s misusing the holy sexual energy that G-d had placed in the world. Subsequent generations continued in their footsteps until the time of Noach, when the whole world became polluted with sexual sin. Only when Abraham appeared on the scene of world history, and entered into the Covenant of the Brit with G-d, was the world offered hope of rectification. It became Abraham’s task, and the mission of the Jewish People after him, to restore the Kingdom of G-d to the world which had been shattered by the sin of Adam and Eve. It was through the holy example of the Jewish People, that mankind was to learn the holiness of the marital union, upon which all of life is based. But in order to fulfill our destiny as the holy Nation of Israel, and lead the world back to the “Garden,” where the word of the Almighty rules over every aspect of life, we ourselves must first sanctify the holiness of our sexual lives. With this understanding, it can be seen that Jewish sexuality is not some unimportant side issue, but rather the very foundation of Israel’s world mission....

In deference to readers who oppose my discussing the secrets of Torah on this website, especially when dealing with sexual matters, the more detailed continuation of this essay can be found on our www.jewishsexuality website.