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Poetry Submission: Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem

By Ben Bresky
10/16/2009, 12:00 AM

Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem
by Stella Barbut

"Do not say 'peace' when I have not sent you.
Yet everybody is praying for the peace of Jerusalem!
Which Jerusalem?
International? Christian? Muslim?
Which version of peace?
International? Christian? Muslim?
Jews tolerated?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Whose peace?
International? Christian? Muslim?
But boycott Israel!
Blood libel Israel?
Accuse her of war crimes!
Try her in international courts
For the terrible 'sin' of defending herself!
But pray! pray! pray! For the peace of Jerusalem!

"When they shall say peace, suddenly..."
"Jerusalem, a burdensome stone..." poised...
"To break in pieces.."
"Jerusalem, a cup of trembling "
A trembling cup held in trembling Jewish hands
While myriad other greedy, grasping hands
Try to snatch the "cup of trembling"
Out of the trembling Jewish hands!
When "Jerusalem, the burdensome stone"
Has broken in pieces and swept away
These other greedy, grasping hands,
The word will go out
Say Peace! Pray Peace for Jerusalem!
Feel the benediction of Peace
My Beloved! My Jerusalem!
Forever Beloved!

# # #

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