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Poetry Submission: Macaroon by Julie C. Judes

By Ben Bresky
10/12/2009, 12:00 AM

by Julie C. Judes
I need to eat another macaroon,
Yes, it's way, way, way too soon,
I know I should wait until a bit later,
When it's the tail end of the seder.

But I can taste it, soft and chewy,
Tasting even better than chop suey,
All through the reading of the Haggadah,
I think to myself, "I've gotta, I've gotta!"

No one knows what's under the table,
Stacked on a plate so I am able,
To sneak one quickly from my lap,
And stuff it into my waiting trap. 

Yes, the gefilte fish is delicious,
The roast chicken highly nutritious,
The matzah ball soup is very good,
And I eat and smile as I know I should.

But nothing compares to the cookies I crave,
Although I eat plenty, and I rave and I rave,
I need a macaroon and I need it now,
You tell Bubbie, and there'll be a big row!

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