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Moshe Blows Anonymous Away

By Tzvi Fishman
10/1/2009, 12:00 AM

The truth is that a long list of great Torah giants supported the return to Zion inherent in the Zionist enterprise and saw it as the beginning of Redemption. Moshe from Yerushalayim begins to explain this in a talkback that I am posting as a blog on its own. It will help clear up the falsehoods and smokescreens deceminated by people who don't know the true story, which, as Moshe writes, demands an in-depth investigation and study. Here is Moshe's reply to a fellow talkbacker concerning yesterday's blog:  


The list of those who recognized the redemption process despite its sometimes apparent concealment is too long (not only big in quantity but in quality as well) for  a  "comment " and includes Rabbis throughout history with this deeper approach (Ramban, Radak, Maharal, the Gra, Ramchal, Or HaChaim HaKadosh, Rabbis Kalisher, Guttmacher, Mohliver, Spektor...  to name a few) but may I suggest reading the 2 volumes of R. Yitzchak Dadon -  "Itchalta Hee, " where he brings down scores of Torah giants saying explicitly that we are in the time of redemption (including Rabbis Z.P. Frank, Isser Zalman Meltzer, Meshulam Rotte, Eliezer Valdenburg, Y. Kahaneman (of Ponevez, who put up the Israeli flag at the Ponevez Yeshiva!). See also the list of rabbis (printed in HaTekufa HaGedola of Rav Kasher, author of Torah Shelema Encyc., pp.374-381) who called to vote in the elections of the State calling it Itchalta deGeula - you won't believe the list!

The sefer HaTekufa HaGedola is mandatory reading, an encyclopedia of sources on redemption (fitting of the author Rav Kasher).

Also see  "Shivat Tzion, " a collection of letters from Torah giants to Rav Slotzki who asked the gedolim what they thought of the new Zionist movement (in 1892). 

You also wouldn't believe how many Rabbis' opinions were  "fixed " in books about them or  "censored " to 'fit the line' - but that is another (sad) topic. [Recently some tried to publish a sefer without the author's  "Zionist " intro until Rav Eliashiv reprimanded them and had them put the intro back!]

I already mentioned Em HaBanim Semeicha by Rav Teichtal who brings hundreds of pages of sources to show that this is the redemption and the returning to the Land is fulfilling G-d's will even when brought through non-religious Jews! See what HE writes about the Spies who were [and are] against this process.

To be fair (!) I will close with the mention of  "Tikkun Olam ", a pamphlet of Rabbis against Zionism, in which Rav Teichtal is included. And this is what HE writes in his abovementioned sefer (p.469 Eng. edition), that he wrote that because he  "had never delved deeply into this issue. Now, however, after examining this halacha in depth, I realize that I was mistaken. " Let that be a lesson for us all.

The truth is I don't believe comments on a blog are the way to seriously discuss such a deep Torah concept and to learn to see the ways of Hashem in the world - this is not some public debate where anyone can wave his opinion. Rather one should devote to it in-depth study of the great works of our Torah giants until one develops a heightened spiritual sensitivity and vision (and then there will be fewer dissenting  "opinions ").