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Poetry Submission: The Two Walked - Ilan & Assaf Ramon

By Ben Bresky
9/22/2009, 12:00 AM

Dedicated to the memories of Ilan & Assaf Ramon
by Esther Lixenberg-Bloch 

There was a space of time between the two
who went so knowingly together.
The space that clamoured for their presence, knew
how intertwined their fates would be forever.
The task commanded, tested faith: Be true,
and all adversity you'll weather.

A distant view. His eyes saw far ahead
and up to heights unknown before to man.
“Your only son...” the voice had said.
He did not query what or why the plan,
but steadfast in belief, his tread
led on to where our history began.

The two walked silently, in par
with dawn-touched creatures, stirring only now from sleep:
Each scuttling lizard's footprint, an earth’s star;
each snake coiling in waves, made paths to leap;
the honing eagle, watching from afar,
restrained her talons, stilled her descent steep.

Along the way, a roaring river set its traps
in white-frothed fists that punched and pummeled rocks;
and though His black-winged servant urged collapse,
and tried to shred his faith with blows and knocks,
the path led on and up; perhaps
to qualify our lives with paradox:

Father and son - now sacrificed together.
Time encapsulated, nulling rift of years.
Command internalized – their mutual tether,
like father and son before. They knew no fears.
Embracing in His presence, no cords can sever
their bond, enclosed in a sea of endless tears.

# # #

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