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Poetry Submission - Tzuri by Alan D. Busch

By Ben Bresky
9/2/2009, 12:00 AM

by Alan D. Busch

Teach me to be whoever I am.
Share the secrets of Your sage text.
Shape me into a vessel for thy purpose serve
my portion may I merit in the next.

Your mitzvos guide me along the path,
chasing them lest I lose my way.
I endure by the strength you provide me,
the depth of my soul I deepen each day.
How frail was I when You formed me,
into my nostrils a soul You did breathe,
fault me none too severely when I lapse
from this world when you call me to leave.
My fabric is torn I do need it mend
I sew but to no avail it doth seem.
Strengthen my stitch with resilient thread
let my life’s fabric be “le’orech yamim".
Alan D. Busch


Tzuri - my rock
mitzvos - commandments
le’orech yamim - for length of days

A wedding prayer for my friends whose names are Noam, "pleasantness" and Tehilla, "praise".

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