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How You Can Help Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu

By Tzvi Fishman
8/26/2009, 12:00 AM

The best way to help the Torah giant, Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu, in his battle for life this moment at the Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, is to pray and study Torah on his behalf (HaRav Mordechai Tzemach ben Mazal). You can do this by studying the seven chapters dealing with the laws of marital relations from his book, “Darkei Taharah,” which we have translated on our website.

Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu

The book, “Darkei Taharah,” which means “The Ways of Purity,” is a definitive and concise guide to the subject of Family Purity (Taharat HaMishpachah). For years, the book has been used to prepare brides and grooms for their wedding and the sacred ways of married life. These laws are the foundation of the Jewish Nation, and the Jewish family. Their observance has a direct influence on the health, happiness, and prosperity of the family, and on the physical and spiritual wellbeing of the children.

In addition to helping the Jewish Nation via his book, Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu has guided countless Jewish couples in private meetings over the last several decades. We first went to him for advice when my wife needed a break between babies. When he heard our request for a temporary hiatus, he frowned and glanced up toward the ceiling of his office in serious concentration, as if waiting to receive a fax from Above. The grave seriousness of his expression made me realize how profound was the holiness surrounding marital relations, and the importance of every soul to the building of Am Yisrael.

After several moments of deep reflection, he gave his consent in a clear, no-nonsense manner, and told us exactly what to do, adding that we should return to consult with him again in another six months.

While some people scoff at my postings dealing with this subject, the silent majority indeed click on the links, some 600 people a day, and read a total of 3000 pages, demonstrating that the wise of mind and heart gladly take advantage of these translations.    

So to help Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu – pray, study, and whatever change for the better that you can make in your lives after studying his teachings will add more weight to the scale of merit in his behalf, and accompany him, please G-d, to a complete and speedy recover.