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Poetry Submission: Israel Stands Alone

By Ben Bresky
7/14/2009, 12:00 AM
Israel Stands Alone
by Shifra Hoffman
It's time to face the facts at last,
To see the die which has been cast...
For after all is said and done
"There's nothing new under the sun"
Israel is condemned by all
Nations large, and nations small
All join hands to heap their scorn
On the Jewish state...reborn!
The British sent their willing knave 
To lecture us "how to behave"
These paragons of humanity
Who held Jews under lock and key
The Soviets say :nyet, nyet, nyet"
Israeli oppresion we cannot let
Whose notorious iron gate
Prevented Jews to emigrate
Of French honor we surely know
As their vichy records show
Then,perhaps Israel should heed
Germany's "moral word and deed"
Of course, there's always the U.S.A.
To whom we look to "save the day"
Can it be...our only "friend"
Joins all the others in the end?
Oh, foolish Jews, have you not learned
As far as this old world's concerned
If Israel were to disappear
These nations would not shed a tear
For that which torah sages knew
Proves time again to be so true
Except for G-d, it's clearly shown
Israel...stands alone!