I Protest! Do You?

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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I protest the Gay Pride Parade taking place in Jerusalem today.  I just want to make that clear to all.  Today, my brothers and sisters who practice what the Torah says is an 'abominable' act, are going to march down the streets of Jerusalem, G-d's Holy City, the holiest city in the world, essentially laughing at G-d and telling Him they are going to re-define what is moral and right.  Lest someone think that these LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer -[their use of words, not mine]) marchers have no where to go, only several days ago, they executed a Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv.  Now there is to be a march in Holy Jerusalem today. 

Over a thousand police are expected to be placed on the streets (and just as an aside the Jerusalemites who are mostly dead set against this, will have to pay for this).  The Jerusalem Open House (a type of homosexual center) has their website stating the reason they exist is ….  "The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) is a grassroots, activist organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, and allies.

Since 1997, we have worked to make our city a place where all people are free to seek self-fulfillment. Our greatest challenge is a tradition of conformist heterosexism that continues to be enforced by almost all social institutions in Israel, including the family, the school, the state, and the religious establishment. This challenge is especially formidable in Jerusalem, a city of traditional values and deeply rooted religious commitments."

What one can make of this is that they are waging war against the values that not only Jews, but also Christians and Moslems hold as the foundation for keeping the family, society, and mankind in an ethical and enlightened state of existence.   G-d would not have commanded Man to abstain from something that he made them not able to abstain from.  To my knowledge, with all the money that has been funded for scientists to try to find a gene proving that people are 'born this way' , no solid proof of a homosexual gene has ever been found.  People may have 'tendencies' to not want to be monogamous, or want to be promiscuous, or even want to be with family members or little children.  To seek 'self-fulfillment' in this way is not the way G-d wants Mankind to act.  We are on a higher level than animals and other creatures and need to behave in a moral manner.  

I have covered the last 4 parades in Israel.  I don't ever recall seeing any signs carried in them that cry for lack of equal rights.   No signs complaining of unequal pay, etc.   It has always been a message of free sex, no borders (whatever THAT means, and I am scared to even think about what 'no borders' in sex means). 

There is a lot more one can say on this issue, but for brevity's sake, I will simply ask you all, that since we did not organize far in advance to prevent this parade, like the LGBTQ's did do in planning it, and now there is little if anything we can do about the parade, we CAN do what we CAN do.  We CAN at least try to add more holiness to this world as they march with their message of breaking 'conformist heterosexism' and defying the Torah.

Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel writes in an article about the Torah's view of sexual abberations:

The Torah clearly states its views about the act of homosexuality. The act of homosexuality i.e. two men having sexual relations, is prohibited.


The act is twice called a Toaiva-an abomination“ and it is such a severe sin, that it merits the death penalty in a Jewish court system


If not for the fact that homosexuality is prevalent in Western Society today, there would be little controversy about this Torah sin. It is clearly forbidden and never condoned anywhere in the Torah.

 The very context of the prohibition SOURCE1 shows the Torah view. It is couched between the prohibitions of child sacrifice (to an idol) and bestiality (sexual relations with an animal). In most countries today, these two acts are considered abhorrent and contrary to modern values. It is only because homosexuality is relatively widespread and condoned by many people that it seems that the Torah is —out of step“with the real world." 

There are millions and millions of people living today who believe in the Bible and do NOT agree with hosting and enabling Gay Pride parades or any sexually promiscuous parades for that matter.  What people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is between them, their partner and G-d.  However, bringing it to the public streets where our children are exposed to this promiscuity now forces us and MAKES IT OUR BUSINESS.  Therefore we are obligated to act. 
It's interesting that today marks the third anniversary of IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit being held as prisoner by the Hamas terror organization in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza. If these people really cared about human rights, they'd be carrying signs for his immediate release, not their own sexual fulfillment.

It's interesting that today marks the third anniversary of IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit being held as prisoner by the Hamas terror organization in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza.  If these people really cared about human rights, they'd be carrying signs for his immediate release, not their own sexual fulfillment. 

So, what now? What CAN we do?  One can go and protest.  And one can try to even out the scales. While they are parading their promiscuous lifestyles down the streets this late afternoon, we can be saying Tehilim (Psalms).  We can be begging G-d for mercy, pray deeply from our hearts and do tshuva (repent), and then go out and do an extra good deed to back up our prayers and implement them into action. 

What good deed will that be?  Perhaps to do a favor for someone, call an older person and make them less lonely, give charity to a worthy organization or a poor person, tell someone in your family or a co-worker how much you appreciate them, … I am sure you can think of other and perhaps even better things you can do to make this 'negative' situation into a 'positive'.  

Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel adds in his article :  Hillel the Elder said —Be like the student of Aaron, who loved peace, loved all people and brought them closer to Torah.“ That is to say that this is our task for those people who are distant from God‘s Torah.  For there is a Mitzvah to hate them, those who sin but also a Mitzvah to love them, and both (emotions) are correct. Hatred for the evil that is within them, and love for the good what is buried within them, that is the spark of God.

I am asking you all to write a talk back, please, include a good deed that you will COMMIT to do to counter off the 'tumah' (spiritual impurity) that will be spilled onto the streets of Jerusalem today. I protest!  Do you?