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Obama's Outpost: IT'S BA-AAACK!

By Tamar Yonah
6/16/2009, 12:00 AM

Yup! Those pesky (wink) settler youth had the chutzpah  - the audacity, to rebuild the Obama outpost after it was destroyed in a middle of the night raid a few days ago by security forces.  Whether you agree with these kids or not, you have to admire their tenacity.  I went to photograph it today on my way to Jerusalem.  This 'outpost' is located only about 6 miles north of Jerusalem.


Yup, the outpost was destroyed, (see previous 6/14/2009 blog's photo) but they built it right back up again.

(Below) Inside the shack where the settler youth hang out to make their 'presence'.

This my good readers, ....this silly little shack, enraging the world.  This little shack and others like it (see video below in 2 blogs before this one) is the reason the Arabs justify blowing up Jews in cafes and buses.  This shack is the reason they scream there is no peace in the Middle East, and therefore the world. This shack and others like it, is making a STORM in the White House.  I use the word 'storm' because, a reader emailed me a question about the translation of Rahm Emanuel's name.  I confirmed to him that yes, 'Rahm', if pronounced 'Ra-am' in Hebrew, means 'Thunder'.  And President Obama's first name, 'Barack', means 'Lightning'.  So, one can cleverly joke that we have 'Thunder' and 'Lightning' in the White House.  A real 'STORM' a-brewing, eh? 

As an interesting aside...Tom Kovach, who is a representative of the AIP (America's Independent Party) and who was on my show, wrote an article stating the meaning of  Barack Hussein's  last name.  --He writes that the name 'Obama' in his Kenyan father's native language of Luo, means 'crooked'.  See his article here.   

It will be interesting to see when or if the government will feel the need (or pressure) to once again destory this 'outpost', and if they do, how long it will take those 'pesky' kids to rebuild it right back up again.  Chutzpah!  (wink).