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Free Alternative Jewish Rock & Russian Israeli Techno

By Ben Bresky
6/2/2009, 12:00 AM

Aryeh Naftaly and The Elevators celebrate the release of their debut album “Olim”. The Jewish alternative rocker from the Carlebach Moshav known for his underground band Ayn Safeq is back with a FREE concert and a new band.

June 23, 2009 at 9 PM at Canaan on Shamai Street near Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem.
אריה נפתלי ¨ רוב שטיינר ¨ תום קורן ¨ מייק רוט
כנען ¨ שמאי 15 י”ם ¨ יום ג' 23/6/09 ¨ 21:00
הכניסה חינם     Free Admission
Spread the word !  
Third Age Productions ¨ ¨ 08-926-4676 For interview from Baka's Olam Qatam Book Store click here.


Russian Israeli Female Techo

This weekend we are happy to host 2 great 'techno-breaks' djs from St.Petersburg: Lena Popova and Karina Saakyan. Both are representing one of the biggest electronic festivals in Europe - 'Kazantip'. Get ready to hear some fresh sounds…very different from everything you ever heard at Pacotek events. The 1st  night is going to be in Jerusalem at "haMaabada" on June 4 and the 2nd in Tel Aviv at Levontin 7 on June 5th.

Pacotek in Jerusalem – Thursday, June 4    23:00
Hamaabada, Derech Hevron 28, Jerusalem / More info here!

Pacotek and Traumpunkt in Tel Aviv – Friday, June 5    00:00
40 nis discount at / 60 nis entrance
Levontin 7, Tel Aviv / More info here!