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Will The Riots Return?

By Yisrael Medad
5/27/2009, 12:00 AM

If you have read this item here at INN, that Sheikh Salah Ra'ad is accusing none other than Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu of planning to rebuild the Temple, you might smile at the ridiculous attempt of the fanatic Islamic radical to stir up trouble.

But we've been there before.  His ranting recalls what happened exactly 80 years ago.

Between Yom Kippur of 1928 and the 18th of Av 1929, the Arabs, aided by the bumbling British, launched a campaign to do away with centuries old customs of Jews at the Western Wall as well as their historical, legal and religious rights there.  The Grand Mufti Haj Amin El-Husseini,

seeking to anchor any local inauthentic nationalist sentiment, cleverly exploited religious passions.  He would not be satisfied that the Western Wall was the object of fulmination and propaganda.  No.

He accused the Jews of seeking to rebuild the Temple.  Right then and there.  His proof?

The Zionist flag flying over the Haram A-Sharif which was the work of montage:

(see here)

If you read page 238 of this book, you'll get additional information and here, too.

After almost a year of this incitement and after taking advantage of the murder of a young Jewish boy, Avraham Mizrachi, the 1929 Riots broke out resulting in 133 Jewish dead, most of them in Hebron which forced the expulsion of its Jewish community.

Our left-wing, progressive and liberal Jews, who are always the first to jump up and point an accusing finger at nationalist Jews, accusing them of 'incitement' should do well for all mankind if they use the same energy going after Ra'ad.  It'll probably save more blood.