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Jewish American Heritage Month

By Tzvi Fishman
5/18/2009, 12:00 AM

US President Obama has named the month of May – Jewish American Heritage Month. What a proud achievement for the Jewish People! I am sure that all of you feel the same joyous swelling of the heart that I do. We made it! The signing of the Presidential  declaration, and its ratification by Congress, are official proof that the goyim have accepted us! Could there be any greater achievement and honor than this?

Jewish Americans or American Jews?

Finally, we have joined the list with the Irish Americans, Italian Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Chinese Americans, Eskimo Americans, Spanish Americans, and Palestinian Americans. Shecheyanu, V’keyemanu, V’higeyanu Lazman Hazeh!

Notice the wording. Jewish Americans. Not American Jews. Jewish is an adjective describing the main noun of the phrase. That means that we have finally been recognized as true-blooded Americans. We are Americans first. Our Jewishness is our religious persuasion, a secondary matter that will no longer get in the way of our acceptance as being full-fledged American citizens, like everyone else.

To play a part in this historic milestone and this shining hour of the Jewish People, I would like to single out a few of the many Jews who helped lead us to this outstanding recognition of our heritage.

Henry Kissinger
Bob Dylan
Sandy Koufax
Norman Mailer
Simon and Garfunkel
Groucho Marx
Woody Allen
Leonard Bernstein
Sammy Davis Jr.

Just to cite a few.