So, Tel Aviv's 100. Big Deal!

Batya Medad ,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Batya Medad
New York-born Batya Medad made aliyah with her husband just weeks after their 1970 wedding and has been living in Shiloh since 1981. Political pundit, with a unique perspective, Batya has worked in a variety of professions: teaching, fitness, sales, cooking, public relations, photography and more. She has a B.S. in Journalism, is a licensed English Teacher specializing as a remedial teacher and for a number of years has been studying Tanach (Bible) in Matan. Batya blogs on Shiloh Musings and A Jewish Grandmother. ...

I don't understand how the "Tel Aviv crowd" can rationalize their living in a place established only because they wanted a Jewish city near Jaffa, while at the same time they protest our Jewish presence in Shiloh. Shiloh has a long history as a Jewish city. It was our first capital for 369 years, almost four times as long as Tel Aviv is old. Tel Aviv's only 100, while modern Shiloh is 31, almost one third the age. Now, what's 69 years in Jewish history. Small potatoes for sure.

This Pesach, Shiloh was again full of tourists from all over the world. There were activities for all ages, crafts, theater, tours and more.

I took some friends to Tel Shiloh. It was their first time at the Tel and their first visit to Shiloh. The Biblical Shiloh, same location as today's but a few thousand years ago, was a place of religious pilgrimage. Shiloh was the spritual center of the Jewish People for three hundred and sixty nine (369) years. The Jewish People trekked from near and far to pray and sacrifce to G-d in the Mishkan, Tablernacle in Shiloh. Today, Tel Shiloh has been set up for visitors of all ages. There's a carnival atmosphere, lots to do, crafts, donkey and jeep rides.

  The crafts have Biblical connections and themes, like weaving, decorating small drums, preparing natural health potions etc.

There was alsos street theater and tours of the area.

Tel Shiloh is open to tourists all year long. Parties and other events can also be arranged there. For more information email: or call 02-994-4019.