Missionary Christians Hijack Passover

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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The recent controversy over Christian Missionary Passover Haggadot, being sold as genuine traditional Jewish ones in large American chain stores isn't the only example of Christian Missionary material masquerading as Jewish. Mina Fenton, formerly of the Jerusalem City Council, sent me this youtube of the traditional Passover song, "Dayenu."
Not everything that appears to be Jewish really is.

At first it seems genuinely Jewish, but by the end you'll see that it is Christian Missionary doctrine propaganda. It's not the Pesach song we sing at the table. Theirs has a very different message. And please remember that singing in Hebrew doesn't guarantee that it's Jewish.

Christian Missionary groups all over the world, including Israel, are adopting Jewish symbols, even wearing kippot and tzitzit, promoting Passover seders etc. It's no longer just enough to check the "culinary kashrut." Now you have to see who the publisher and eiditor are, where exactly everything comes from. That adds another slant to the concept of "shmura matzah."

Beware and report all misleading advertising. Not everything that appears to be Jewish really is. I debated whether posting this video, but in the end I am, just to show you how slick and professional the Christian Missionaries are. At least this group labeled their song Christian. I'm very upset and disappointed to say that I wasted well over a half an hour trying to find a traditional Jewish Dayenu on youtube and wejew. It's easier to find Christian versions. I couldn't find anything as professional. So, I'll end with the rousing Dayenu from the Seder at Kibbutz Naan. Those who know Hebrew will notice that it's not 100% traditional either. At least it's Israeli.