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7 Steps to Help You Make Aliyah

By Tamar Yonah
3/13/2009, 12:00 AM

Dear Tamar,

My name is Simcha, I just turned 21 and I live in the USA. I read your blog and it is wonderful. I agree with  you 100% .  I need your advice. I want to make aliyah to Israel, but I don't know what to do. I have a disability with my legs and I need to walk with crutches.   I believe that we, the Jewish people, should be in Israel to be safe physically and spiritually.  When I hear you say that the Jewish people must make aliyah and I see the olim come out of the airplane I am very happy and also saddened because my family and I are not there yet. My parents and family members do not seem to have the same feeling about Aliyah that I do.   My mother's side of the family lives in Israel. I am looking forward to you answer.


Dear Tamar,

Tamar I have been a follower of your show for quite some time. You as well as others on INR have touched me deeply. So much so that I am considering doing Aliyah. Just to give you a little background, I am a recently separated 43 yr old Male who was married to a non-jew for over 20 years, although I have listened to your station for a few years I have just recently come into my Judaism.  I would like to know how I can do Aliyah, I have NO money in this recent separation I gave it all away to my ex-wife basically saying she needs the physical world more than I do. Please tell me how I can come home and get a job and be a contributing member to Israel. Thank you so much for your time. H.


Hi Tamar,

I want to move to Israel. My husband wants to move to the Caribbean. I am trying to explain to him that Israel will be the safest place for the Jewish people. My husband asked me what about Armageddon- Har Megido isn't that were the "final battle" will take place. what do I tell him? That the battle of Gog and Magog will not involve the Jewish people? Please help me convince my husband. Thank you, M.

(Tamar responds: Tell your husband that we must all remember that after the battle of Gog and Magog, it is WE who survive this war, and it is WE, the Jews, the House of Israel, who are the ones burying THEIR dead bodies.  See Ezekiel 39:12 )


Most people here tell you to make aliyah.  But no one tells you HOW to make aliyah.  Below is a 7 step plan for making aliyah, especially if you have family members who are not as into the idea as you are.

Preface:  It is WONDERFUL to hear you desire to make aliyah.
Do not wait. 

1) Start filling out the forms today, it can take a long time to process.  You do NOT have to keep your target date you plan for, but it will give you a goal, and hopefully you will be prepared to come home when the date arrives.  Go now to: and fill out their forms to make aliyah.

2) Start talking to your family about making Aliyah.  Describe your excitement and feelings of how wonderful it will be to live in Israel.  Bring the topic up at meals, when sitting around, before going to sleep.  Get your family used to the idea, or at least keep it always in their minds.  Do it in a positive manner, don't be annoying, but be excited and optimistic. 

3)  Purchase the book Em HaBanim Semeichah  and read it. Read passages from it to your family when you can.  Also, read them articles like these (click on all underlined text which has links to take you to where you can get more info):



Get them in the 'head' of hearing and wanting and listening to how people have done it, how it is a mitzvah, and how it is a privilege for our generation to be able to do it so easily compared to our ancestors throughout the ages.

Discuss with them a TARGET DATE, perhaps this summer of 2009?  If you miss that date, perhaps the winter of 2009...  But start filling out the forms now.

A TARGET DATE makes things happen.  CHOOSE ONE.

4)  Considering your employment in Israel: Come with realistic expectations. You may not be able to just snap your fingers and find a job in your field here.  This would be the same case if someone from another country wanted to move to the USA, and expected right off the bat to find a job in their field. If you are willing to be flexible and take on other work while hoping to find something in your field, or are not against changing careers or working at a different job, there IS work here in Israel.  Go to: and start checking out what is available here. This of course is just a partial listing, and you will see that more jobs will be available AFTER you get here. Don't expect, or make as a 'condition' to have a job waiting for you before you make aliyah.  It doesn't work that way.  You must first come, and then you can do job interviews, or meet other people who can help direct you.   Pass the  web address on to your other Jewish family and friends, so they too can make steps for aliyah.  Also, after you have signed up with Nefesh B'Nefesh, send your resume to their employment department where they have connections in many different fields of work in Israel.  Their email address is 

5) Look for communities to settle in, in Israel. Click HERE.  Remember, that we are not the USSR.  If you find that you'd like another city or community better after settling in, you can always re-locate.  

6) Plan a pilot trip to Israel.  You don't have to bring your whole family.  You and your spouse is enough if you can leave the kids with Grandma.  A good place to hook up with for a pilot trip is with Tehilla. .  They take you to communities all over Israel to check out, and have representatives there to meet you and answer your questions about life in their town.  They also help you make connections regarding employment possibilities.  You can make your own private pilot trip as well.  If you cannot afford a hotel or places to stay at, contact me and I will try to help you with this hurdle.

7)  Join an aliyah email list or internet forum.  See if you can join an aliyah chug in your area.  A 'chug aliyah' (pronounced 'khoog') is an 'aliyah group' or 'aliyah meetings' that you can attend to network and learn more, and support each other with your aliyah.  These chugs are usually held in people's homes, so look for a group near you.  You can find out if there is a group near you through your aliyah center, Shaliach (Aliyah Representative) or maybe through aliyah email group lists.  It is good to meet others who are also planning aliyah.  This way you can learn from each other and network.

 *Specifically to single men like 'H'.  Do you know how much in demand you are being a single guy in his 40's in Israel?  There are tons of women here who are looking for a guy in this age group and older. I have seen singles (men & women) come here in their 50-s through 70's, meet someone, find love here, marry, and live 'happier' ever after.   Also, a big plus for Olim (new immigrants) when you marry, your two incomes combined as a couple really help to start you both on your new life.  I am sure everyone in Israel that you meet will be trying to set you up when you get here.  Shabbat meals are also a good way to meet singles, as many singles here network in groups, inviting each other over for Shabbatot.
Anymore questions you have, don't hesitate to ask me.  keep in touch, and let me know how you are going forward.

*Specifically for Simcha who has a physical disability:  Israel has very good doctors, hospitals and health care.  While no medical insurance plans anywhere in the world are perfect, Israel's are pretty good in that  it is much cheaper to get medical help here in Israel than in the USA.   Also, you say that you have family here on your mother's side.  Having family here in israel is a big plus! Get in touch with them, start forming a closer relationship.  They can be of immense help.  Take advantage of this blessing!


I hope that you all start making plans for starting your aliyah.  Again, please remember that things take time, so start the process now.  Always make options for yourself.  Make sure your, and your family's passports are all current and in order. You can always change your mind and cancel plans, but you cannot snap your fingers when you want and expect things to go smoothly and quickly.  MAKE OPTIONS!  Always best to be able to decide you changed your mind, than to put yourself into situation where you decide you DO want to go, but can't.