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A Priceless Blessing

By Michael Freund
2/10/2009, 12:00 AM

I just returned from the polling booth, where I had the privilege of casting my ballot.

Yes, it is a privilege and we should never take for granted the freedom that we have. As frustrating as Israel's political system is, as infuriating as its government can be, it is nonetheless a priceless blessing that we have to be able to vote freely.

Would we all be better off if Israeli parliamentarians were accountable directly to their constituency, rather than to a party bureaucracy? Definitely. Would our democratic system work more efficiently if there were a true separation of powers in place between the legislative and executive branches? Of course.

But as flawed and imperfect as the system is, I still thank G-d that after 2000 years of exile, we have a sovereign Jewish state.

May it soon live up it to its prophetic promise.