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The Eretz Yisrael Committee

By David Wilder
2/1/2009, 12:00 AM
The Eretz Yisrael Committee  a budding group of holy activists is dedicated to reinfusing the Jewish People with love for the Land of Israel, by supporting the settling of the Land through financial, political, educational and spiritual means.

For far too long the official Jewish leadership has abandoned our heritage, the holy Land of Israel, to foreign claim. The Land, which the Almighty God of Israel swore unto our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is being abandoned and the time has come to physically and mentally reclaim it! The Eretz Yisrael Committee  is also  hoping to create a genuine opposition to any attempt or statement aimed at weakening Jewish control over our land.

In the several days since its founding, the committee has already seen significant growth. The home page has already garnered over a thousand hits and fourteen new chapters have opened up around the US and one in Israel as well. The committee is planing a large scale campaign in the coming weeks to help strengthen the ongoing return to Chomesh and the reversal of the expulsion of 2005. While the campaign is still in the planning stages the public is urged to recruit family and friends to help create a mass support base in order that each campaign will be as successful as possible. Two campaigns, however, are already in progress and they are for the Temple Mount and for our imprisoned brother Jonathan Pollard. The the public is urged to get involved in these campaigns, which may be found on the home page of the Eretz Yisrael Committee . 

Yosef Rabin
Founder and Coordinator of the Eretz Yisrael Committee