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O Jerusalem

By Tzvi Fishman
1/5/2009, 12:00 AM

Make no mistake. This is not a war over the Gaza Strip. This is not a war to bring quiet to Israel’s southern communities. This is a war for Jerusalem.

We gave the Arabs Gush Katif and the Gaza Strip, and still they fire their missiles. They are not satisfied with Gush Katif and the Gaza Strip. They want Jerusalem. They want all of the Land of Israel. They want the Jews out. It is as simple as that. If they had missiles that could reach Jerusalem, they’d fire at us too.

The name of the holy soldier who fell this morning was Dvir. The name Dvir is another name for Jerusalem. He gave his life fighting for Jerusalem. There is no higher honor than that.

Israel’s Prime Minister is wrong when he says over and over that our war is not with the Palestinian people. Not only Hamas wants Jerusalem. All of the Arabs have been indoctrinated with the same fanatical hatred for the Jews as Hamas. They all want Jerusalem, or, as they cry out in their cheers, “El Kudz! El Kudz!” They all want us out of here. They are all potential shihidim.

If there was ever a concept of Jewish ‘Jihad,” this war is it. As we have repeated written – Judaism is more than eating bagels and lox, and going to the movies on Motzei Shabbat. True Judaism is rebuilding the Nation of Israel in Eretz Yisrael. True Judaism is fighting the wars of Hashem. We have a Torah commandment called “Milchemet Mitzvah.” The Jewish People are commanded to go to war to establish Jewish sovereignty over all of the Land of Israel. Another part of this mitzvah of obligatory war is to defend the Jewish People against enemies who attack us. So we are now engaged in a milchemet mitzvah twice over. We are also commanded to wipe out the memory of Amalek. This means annihilating Amalek through war. The same spirit of Amalek that raged in the Nazi monster during the Second World War is the fire that burns in the hearts of Hamas and all of its fundamentalist Islamic offshoots, from Egypt to Iran. This evil spirit must be uprooted and destroyed.

No two-week military operation in the Gaza Strip will help. Any cease fire without first wiping out Hamas will only lead to missiles falling on Jerusalem, G-d forbid. There is absolutely no justification for allowing the enemies of Israel to continue to live in this Land. They must either be destroyed or transferred from our midst. For the sake of Jerusalem. To insure that Dvir has not given his life in vain – may his memory be for a blessing.