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Blogging About The War

By Batya Medad
1/1/2009, 12:00 AM

It's at times like this, a war/campaign/operation, when you see amateur journalists on blogs like mine competing with major mainstream media.  This blog is barely a tiny corner of the Arutz 7 enterprise, but Shiloh Musings is my very own news magazine.  When I started it over four years ago, it was mine and mine only.  But within a short period of time I realized that my individual voice wasn't enough, especially now.  Shiloh may be "the eye of the storm" in the big picture, but right now, I'm far from the crosshairs, bli eyin haraa.

That's why I've been asking others to blog on Shiloh Musings. Scroll through recent posts and you'll read of how ordinary people in the south of Israel are coping with the Operation Cast Lead war. English Teacher, Esther, of Netivot and the talented mother-daughter duo, Sara and Shifra of Nitzan, Disengagement DP's from Neve Dekalim. I also have reports by the well-known Anita Tucker, who's in the Ein Tzurim DP camp.

In addition, Ellen Horowitz, of the Golan, contributes hard-hitting expose`s and reports from the Christian world of missionaries and the Catholic Church's quest to take over Mount Zion.

I sincerely thank them for sharing their feelings and knowledge on Shiloh Musings. And I hope that the others who have blogging rights there will add their voices.

This blog, The Eye of The Storm, isn't updated as frequently--multiple posts daily, and I can't offer others the blogging rights they have on Shiloh Musings.  So, if you'd like to read more, please click Shiloh Musings.