More Evil Coverups: Sex, Blood and Gore

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This blog may be very disturbing to read, so I advise you to use caution if you continue.
A gory news story came out about what really took place at the Nariman House in Mumbai, India. Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife were sexually humiliated, were forced to strip naked, and had their genitals mutilated.  The only reports released to the public after the massacre that let us know what happened to the Jews in the Nariman House were that of a Mumbai doctor with the police, who came on the scene and remarked to the press, "Of all the bodies, the Israeli victims bore the maximum torture marks.". That's all we were told.  However, according to the Mumbai Mirror, we find out (only this last week) that this holy rabbi and his wife were sexually mutilated.  You can see the VERY DISTURBING photo of the bodies (not that of the Rabbi and his wife, but other victims at a Mumbai hotel) (that was emailed to me by a listener of mine) at Pam Geller's 'Atlas Shrugs' blog. I tip my hat to Pam for exposing this atrocity committed and letting us know what the Mumbai Mirror reported. 

The question asked is, why was this report of the real murder scene kept hidden from public knowledge?  I have discussed this on my show a few times, but I would like to re-emphasize here on this blog by giving you an example.

The governments which control populations don't WANT us to know.  They know, that if we know what really happens at these terror attacks, we citizens in 'democratic' countries would be so enraged, so incensed, that we, the people, would go to our respective Knesset, White House, or whatever nation's parliament who was attacked and shake their gates down in rage and DEMAND that action be taken.  But what happens in reality? In Israel, and probably many other countries, people hear on the news about the latest terror attacks, they sit glued to the TV and make worried phone calls back and forth, "Did you hear about the attack?.... "

In Israel, it goes something like this: "Son, are you ok?  Were you near the scene?  When will you be home?  Thanks G-d you're alright." And after making all the calls to our loved ones we believed could have been in the area of the attack, and after viewing film on the news at the scene which has been carefully censored, we turn off the TV and say,  "tsk tsk" with our tongues and go about our day.  After all, when we see the censored 'parev' film footage on TV news (wherever we are in the world) what were we allowed to actually see?  We only see the coverage of people being wheeled on stretchers into ambulances.  No blood, or very little of it, is shown on the news.  Instead, the wounded that ARE shown, are lying on gurneys with their arms flailing.  They have a pained look on their face with their hands on their head.  It looks like they have a migraine headache.  So why should people who see these bland scenes get incensed and demand the obliteration of the enemies attacking us?  After all, what we are allowed to see just looks like a lot of peoople who got scared and are at worst suffering from shock. In Israel, the very next day, shattered store fronts at terror scenes are hurredly repaired and the blood is cleaned away.

        Israeli terror victim approved for viewing.  Looks like he just has a migraine headache.

When the radio is turned on after an attack, soft, sad, music is played to 'drug' the population and put them in a somber mood. However, what a healthier government would play on the radio is WAR music.  Music to display our outrage at these murderous attacks against our wives and children, to motivate us to want to join up to our IDF units and go in and crush the enemy who are murdering our people.  Let us remember that Sderot and Ashkelon and Netivot are NOT under attack.  ISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK!!!!!!. They are attacking Israel.   They are trying to hit every spot of Israel they can reach.

What is the Defense Minister's answer?  To drop some bombs on some targets in Gaza, on Shabbat (the Sabbath).  Here's the problem: "Defense Minister Ehud Barak convened a news conference in which he said that the operation has three goals: "to hit Hamas hard,..."    Will this stop the Kasam rockets and Grad-missiles being launched against us?  No.  A nation that wants to stop the attacks against it doesn't just 'hit hard'.  It has to DESTROY the enemy launching the attacks.  If it doesn't, if it just hits hard, the enemy will eventually recover from the shock and renew it's murderous war over and over again.  Israel's leaders report that we can expect an even heavier attacks on Israel in the coming days.  They add that 200 rockets and missiles slammed into Israel today.  200!!!!  One missile bored straight into a house in Netivot, a town in southern Israel, east of Sderot.  "The victim, 58 yer old Beber Vaknin, was killed when he went outside his house, which was hit by a rocket earlier Saturday." 

Attack against Israeli civilians in a Netivot apartment.

The problem here is that the attack today on the Hamas was like swatting at a bee.  You're just going to rile him up while he still has his stinger.  Our own news reports say this operation will not stop attacks. 

What has to be done is that this war that has been launched against Israeli citizens has to be WON by us.  We have to neutralize the enemy who is attacking us, once and for all.  Two weeks ago, there was a demonstration in Gaza where most of the Hamas leadership was, including the thousands that actively support them.  Perhaps this demonstration should have been hit?  We could have cut off the head of the snake when we had them all gathered together. 

Demonstration in support of the Hamas in Gaza Dec. 16th, 2008.
"Jews! We have already dug your graves," declared Hamas official Mushir al-Masri at a rally of support for Hamas in Gaza’s central square. "Gaza will become a graveyard for [IDF] soldiers.”

When I was speaking to my mother on the phone and telling her Israel could have attacked the Hamas leaders and their supporters at that demo, she commented,  "You may be right. We're going to get flack anyway for today's attack. It wouldn't matter if we killed 2 or 20,000 it would be all the same to the world's media."

I hung up and then watched the news with my family tonight, they showed a press conference with PM Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzippi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak sitting at a table and saying that they don't wish harm to Arab citizens in Gaza and will continue to make sure that food and supplies will keep flowing to them through our borders.  I remarked, "Yah, like the Allied forces would worry to make sure the Nazis in Germany had food supplies?  How sick to worry about a population that elected Hamas murderers to lead them."  My 12 year old son seemed to agree that it was ludicrous to feed our enemies who are still holding kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit and launching missiles against us.  He looked at our leaders blah-blah-blah-ing about how they are trying to be so magnanimous to our enemies and he looked at me and stated,  "I wish someone would throw a shoe at them".