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Eyewitness Report

By Tzvi Fishman
12/4/2008, 12:00 AM

It's been a sad day for the Jews. Around noon, with ongoing negotiations between the settlers and Defense Department, and talk of a possible compromise, lots of people started leaving the Peace House for a rest and to make preparations for Shabbat. Outside, the mood was calm. There was even a pick-up basketball game with a tire for a hoop. Journalists were everywhere. I went down to the Cave of the Patriarchs to pray. As I was returning to the Peace House, the bad guys were already on the way. They took the house by surprise. We were caught off guard. There were lots of screams, noise grenades, gas bombs. The army and police did a quick, professional job. First they took over the roof and worked their way downstairs. Resistance was minimal. Barak's gorillas didn't hesitate to beat kids with their clubs and drag people away handcuffed and bleeding. Clusters of girls screamed and cried as the wounded were rushed to ambulances. Soldiers kept us forcefully away from the building. My arm was twisted in a very unpleasant fashion. But it could have been worse. Not every soldier acted like an ape. Arabs on rooftops started to pelt us with rocks and cement blocks. Youths scattered into adjacent Arab neighborhoods to express their rage. Here are some photos. We'll have more to say about the meaning of this sad day in another blog.

Basketball just before evacuation
Women's Section
Media all over the place


Last Kaddish
Surrounding building
Soldiers take the roof
One of the many wounded


Arabs throw rocks on us
Rescue car smashed
Soldiers beat youth
We shall return!