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Put Your Money Where Your Mouths Are

By Tzvi Fishman
12/4/2008, 12:00 AM

Looks like Big Barry is saving his money to stock up on more bagels, those little lifesavers of Jewish identity that allow lovers of Galut to feel like they are serious yidden.

Jewish Lifesaver

Meanwhile, only Moses Brown has volunteered to donate money toward the 5 giant signs we put up on Beit HaShalom. It's kind of embarrassing that out of the thousands of Jews that read this blog, only a Black Hebrew felt the urge to help out in the struggle. (And good old Rob).

Where are the rest of you? Talkbacks maybe help you all feel like you are really involved in what goes on here, but frankly, it's all a lot of hot air. 

I'd rather have you here in Israel, then collect your checks, but since you're not coming, at least send some cash for the cause, to help us hang on to the Land of Israel for your children. Yes it's rebbe gelt, but it is also a big mitzvah, as it says, "Israel will be redeemed through charity."

You can send cash or checks straight to me:

Tzvi Fishman, 19 Shoshana Street, Jerusalem, Israel, 96149.

If everyone sends one dollar, that will pay for the signs which are powerful weapons in the media war that we are waging. Thanks for your help.