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Jewish Jokers

By Tzvi Fishman
11/19/2008, 12:00 AM

It is truly a sad and shameful disgrace that there are government leaders in Israel, judges, and law enforcement personal, jokes for Jews, who are prepared to evict brothers and sisters from the Shalom House in Hevron. Truly, they are possessed by some horrible inner self-hatred that brings them to war against fellow Jews and the Torah.

As others have written, if Avraham Avinu himself could come before them today with the deed of purchase of Hevron, these Jewish jokers would deny its validity.

But there is something even more frightening. There are Jews who, if they had been around at the time of Avraham, they would have demonstrated against his purchasing a burial plot in Hevron in the first place.  They would have pleaded with the Hittite not to sell Avraham the property at all.    

“Bury your wife in Vienna, Virginia instead!” they would have demanded.

“Let him bury her in Sidney, Australia!” others would have clamored.

“I sell you a burial place for half the price,” another would have promised Avraham, “If you bury her in Brooklyn, New York.”

Cave of the Patriarchs, Brooklyn, New York

The Jewish jokers in Israel, no matter how screwed up they may be, are willing to die for Haifa, Beer Sheva, Tiberias, or Tel Aviv. How many Diaspora Jews can say that?

Thus, the questions remains: who are the real Jewish jokers?