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She's Got Mail

By Tamar Yonah
9/24/2008, 12:00 AM

I don't usually publish or even discuss, most of the emails I am swamped with, however a few here I wanted others to see.  I asked permission from the authors to publish these emails, of which they heartily accepted.

1) Foot in the Mouth: email in reference to the TnT 'Tovia & Tamar Show' where Tovia constantly describes the condition of his spleen:

Tamar, Shalom,
I'm reading a book written in 1771 by Tobias Smollett and one of the characters complains repeatedly about his spleen.  I knew Tovia's material was old, but I didn't know it was that old.

2: What is to Become of the Diaspora Jews?

Wednesday evening my family and I, along with some others from Mishkahn David went to Providence, RI for a celebration of the 60th anniversary of Israel. What I saw and experienced actually saddened me and I thought I would pass it on to you, if for no other reason then to give you something to chew on.

I must admit to being just a bit on the nervous side about going. I am new to the discovery of my Jewish ancestry and though I have been studying and learning what is in the Torah, I have a long way to go before it becomes second nature to me. But none the less, we went to show our support of Israel, our love for the people and the G-d of Israel.

What I witnessed there, actually surprised me. I know that this is the United States and people are free to do as they wish, I just kind of thought things might actually LOOK a bit more Jewish. There were a few men there wearing hats and/or kippahs, there were a few very Orthodox Jews, but not many. And, including myself, there was only 2 men wearing tzit-tzit (tassels) on the corner of garments. I was confused. I thought that these things were a requirement from the Torah given to Moses from G-d. Did I misunderstand?

What I did see plenty of was affluence. Good clothes, good hair (I'm going bald, so any hair looks good to me), handsome men, beautiful women, fine jewelry, very obviously well off people. Now, before you take me wrong, I wasn't expecting to see any less then that. The Jews are a people that are blessed by G-d and as far as that went, it was as it's supposed to be.

But as I stood on one of the bridges and they were sounding the shofar and music was playing I was struck by a sudden sadness. It was deep and profound almost as if I could see into the future and know what is going to happen before it comes to pass. It was if G-d was saying to me; Do you see the people? They are comfortable in their lives here, it will not last. They believe that they are safe, but it is a false belief. I have made provisions for them to go home, but they refuse to go. They will not obey my commands, and while they have enjoyed the blessings they have forgotten about the curses. They need to come home spiritually and physically before it becomes too late. They need to remember ME.

Even as I write this, I am overcome with sadness almost to the point of tears. We have all become blinded by the lives we live here. We are comfortable in our ways and almost complacent to the realities of this mad world. I am afraid that it is soon going to come crashing down hard, in many different ways, and as always, there will be the hunt for who's to blame. Any guesses.....

3. Sinking In

Tamar, I wanted to share this with you. Shifra Hoffman

Hi Shifra,

I heard you about 1-2 years ago on INR with Tamar.  I thought you were nuts.  I thought you were agitating for your own selfish purposes.  I didn't believe that what you said could happen here.  I grew up with WWII generation as parents and community leaders.  I was flying to Spain in the mid 80's and saw a guy with the numbers tatooed on his arm.  But I thought it as all taken care of and we were above it.
About two months ago I was on my Ron Paul blog/meet-up group.  I noticed a guy that was speaking up against Israel/neo-cons/jews.  I took him to task in a nice way, just pointing out the lack of objectivity in his arguments.  He turned on me.  I'm a mild Christian Goy.  Well, I kept up the truth campaign, and it got worse and worse.  We dominated the blog for weeks with our back and forth.  I felt drained by his venomous attacks, and dedication to hating all things jewish.
It left me shaken, and sick to my stomach.  I've been through 26 years n the military, Korea occupation/Desert Storm in Arabia.  But I was not ready for this.
  I no longer think you are so far out/off.  I'm so sad, because I love jews generally.  There are some angry, hatful, opinion leaders that lead the sheep.  What I saw was that things can be twisted and evil directed at jews, and it can happen in a hurry.
I believe Hashim is with you, and will act this time to protect his people.  May you continue your mission.  Barach Hashim.  --------------(name has been withheld)------------

Well, Readers, your comments on these emails will be greatly appreciated.