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A sad day for Israel

By Michael Freund
9/21/2008, 12:00 AM

The Jewish people deserve better.
Sometimes, a picture says it all - much better than words could possibly do.

אולמרט ופרס. פגישה בשבע וחצי.

תצלום: דניאל בר און / ג'יני

The news today in Israel is dominated by - what else? - Ehud Olmert's resignation. This evening, at 7:30 pm local time, the Prime Minister will meet with President Shimon Peres and formally notify him of his decision to leave his post.

Whatever one thinks of Olmert - this is a sad day for the Jewish state. Our task as a people is to serve as a Light unto the Nations, a bastion of justice and righteousness for all to emulate - and now we must watch as our head of government resigns under a cloud of corruption scandals and allegations.

It has been said that a nation gets the leaders they deserve. But I beg to differ - because I think the Jewish people deserve better and the people of Israel deserve better.

We deserve a leadership that will stand firm and proud and defend the nation and its interests, one that will not cower before others. And we deserve leaders who walk in faith with G-d and uphold the highest ideals of honesty, and integrity.

We really do deserve such things - but the way it looks right now, we'll probably have to keep waiting a bit longer until we get them.