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Lots To Read In The Jewish Blogsphere, JBlogs

By Batya Medad
9/15/2008, 12:00 AM

There's a lot more to jblogging than you see on Arutz 7 and other Jewish or Israeli newspapers.  Blogging is the international cyber-Hyde Park, where everyone with internet access has a forum. 

Besides the obvious crackpots, there are some very serious and intelligent writers.  We get together for "carnivals," which are like floating internet magazines.  Various bloggers take turns "hosting" editions.  The main and most veteran jblog carnival is Havel Havelim.  It's a weekly carnival and I hosted this week's edition.  In it I also blog about the other jblog carnivals and introduce a few dozen, quite a few dozen, blog posts from Jewish Bloggers all over the world.

Enough with the introduction:

Click here for Havel Havelim!!