Quotes and Notes Corner: Putting Two and Two Together

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For this edition of the Quotes and Notes Corner, I will not be reaching too far back in history.

On Saturday, Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu of IsraelNN.com reported: "An Arab terrorist stabbed a nine-year-old boy at the Shalhevet neighborhood in Yitzhar in Samaria on the Sabbath, torched an empty house and tried to set fire to a second building."

The usual suspects from the Arab parties, Meretz and Peace Now squawked about "violent settlers" after residents of Yitzhar had a little organized riot in the Arab village the assailant supposedly came from or ran to, Asira al-Kabaliya. Cars overturned, shots fired, stuff set on fire. That sort of thing.

One day earlier, as reported by Hana Levi Julian, "Violent riots again broke out in the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Na’alin on Friday, leaving two Border Guard police officers lightly wounded in the melee. Left-wing Israeli activists, foreign nationals and Palestinian Authority Arabs have been rioting at the site almost daily...."

Now let's go back a few more days last week, all the way to Wednesday. IsraelNN.com reported: "About 100 Arabs from the village of Asira al-Kabaliya near Yitzhar in Samaria rioted violently near Yitzhar's Shalhevet neighborhood Wednesday. They threw rocks, cursed and set fields on fire. The fire spread into the community and was put out when it came near a home with a mother and three children inside it."

What did the Meretz and Peace Now types have to say on Wednesday about THAT riot in the Yitzhar area? And on Friday, about THAT riot in Na'alin?


Researched, compiled and presented by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz