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Let The Games Begin

By Yisrael Medad
8/26/2008, 12:00 AM

A pro-peace group, One Voice, has come up with an idea.  Joint Israel-"Palestine" Olympics.

I know this is fantasy because I truly don't believe that there will be a "Palestine" and am trying to make that doesn't happen.  And if there is a "Palestine", I seriously doubt if there'll be an Israel.  These two entities simply cannot physically exist in the same dimension.

But, since the idea has been broached, why not take advantage of it.

I seem to recall that I once either blogged or wrote an op-ed piece on the theme of what special games and competitions can be included in such a sports meet.  Like:

Rock throwing.

Rock throwing while being shot at.

Molotov bottle throwing, without fuse lit.

Molotov bottle throwing, with fuse lit.

Molotov bottle throwing, with fuse lit but carelessly stuck in bottle.

Sling-shot throw.

Sprint over obstacle course including burning tires, sabra bushes and tin cans.

I am sure my readers have others to add.  So, take advantage of this opportunity, use your creative imagination, your satire, your humor and drop off a comment as to the "sport" that is missing.

And for those on vacation, enjoy.