Shivi Keller, Yehuda Poliker and the KKK

Ben Bresky,

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לבן ריק
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Ben Bresky
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Today Yehezkel called me to ask me if I knew any sad Jewish songs for a new movie he's making. I played a bit part in a political satire he did. I first met Yehezkel when he was doing volunteer work with new immigrants. Here is his entry for the Nefesh BNefesh "why I love Israel" short film contest. I think it exhibits a certain level of ridiculosity. Yehezkel plays all the parts, including the KKK member. It didn't win.

So I told Yehezkel that he should try Ein Od Milvado, the band headed by Shivi Keller. If Pink Floyd lived in Hebron, hung out with Shlomo Carlebach and suffered from multiple terrorist attacks, then they would be Ein Od Milvado. The new album actually has some upbeat songs on it. The first two discs are super mellow, moody and dreamy. Like the last track, a 15 minute anthem entitled Ein Od Milvado in which the only words are Ein Od Milvado. It starts slow, with just a voice and one instrument and builds into a crescendo of sound. Many of the songs are similar. Here is my old interview with Shivi Keller, lead singer and songwriter.

Here is his brand new reggae remix of Ein Od Milvado and funky video..

I also recommended to Yehezkel that he check out Yehuda Poliker, reputed to be Israel's saddest singer. He has a kind of rainy day, moody slow song feel. His father is a Holocaust survivors and he has some songs on that subject. Here is a video of Yehuda Poliker singing "When You Grow Up".

So if anyone knows any really good sad Jewish songs, especially if they are religious in nature or from a religious singer, email me and I will forward them on to Yehezkel.