<i>A Bissel Kvetch,</i> A Few Rants

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Batya Medad
New York-born Batya Medad made aliyah with her husband just weeks after their 1970 wedding and has been living in Shiloh since 1981. Political pundit, with a unique perspective, Batya has worked in a variety of professions: teaching, fitness, sales, cooking, public relations, photography and more. She has a B.S. in Journalism, is a licensed English Teacher specializing as a remedial teacher and for a number of years has been studying Tanach (Bible) in Matan. Batya blogs on Shiloh Musings and A Jewish Grandmother. ...

You probably think I'm schizophrenic.  My posts range from cock-eyed optimist to things like this.  So, if you need to be cheered, and you don't want me in a fighting mood, then scroll down to my previous post.

It seems to me I've heard that song before
It's from an old familiar score
I know it well, that melody

Well, maybe Huckabee is sincere, OK, really in favor of Israel, a secure, truly secure Israel, but when I saw that picture of him by the kotel, those lyrics came to my mind.
Something else to remember, Ehud Barak's reign of terror

Is it all a show? 

Every single politician running for US President, Vice President or dreaming of... They all come to Israel and pose at the Kotel.  They recite the mantra of "safe," "secure," "united Jerusalem" and all that the script requires.

The late US President Ronald Reagan, an experienced professional actor stated that he couldn't understand why people had put him down as "just an actor."  He said that he couldn't imagine anyone without acting talent and training doing the job.

So, I'm a cynic.  It just seems to me that push comes to shove, and they're all the same.

And I'm also sick and tired of the patronizing way the world talks to us.  Those NY Times editorials are just too preachy for words.  I wonder if anyone there ever reads reactions like mine.

Our collective memories are much too short, so I decided to take a look at the new Gush Katif Museum.  I was hoping/expecting to get a taste of the beauty which was once Gush Katif, but it's a disappointment. 

Here's an obituary about one of Neve Dekalim's more unique residents.

About memories, it's already ten years since Harel Bin Nun, HaYa"D, of Shiloh, was murdered.  A Sefer Torah was dedicated to his memory in the community his brothers established in his name, Givat Harel.

Something else to remember, Ehud Barak's reign of terror. Defying logic, he's back as head of the Labor Party and he's campaigning to return to power.  Please read this and pass it around.  The wave of Arab terror which began during Barak's rule was unprecedented.  Don't forget, please.

Now, back to my menial tasks here in the eye of the storm.