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The little bird is calling he wishes to return

By Ben Bresky
8/6/2008, 12:00 AM

I just discovered an acapella version of The Little Bird from Avrumi Flam's album Songs for the 3 Weeks (Acapella). It's a very sad song which many children know from school or from the back pages of their bentchers. Here are the lyrics.  I used this song in our Tisha B'Av special which is to air this Sunday.

There's a great Shlomo Carebach Story about Tisha B'Av off Dov Shurin's You Are With Me album, a collection of songs and stories with Shlomo and Dov. It's a good album for some rare Carlebach material and some early versions of Dov Shurin classics. The story is about a husband and wife who break up. Reb Shlomo relates it to Tisha B'Av and the destruction of the Temple.