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The Power of Chana

By Batya Medad
8/4/2008, 12:00 AM

In the Days of the Shoftim, the Judges, it took a woman, Chana, to bring order.  She prayed to G-d in Shiloh for a son who would change the direction of Jewish History.


Her son Shmuel annointed our first two kings.  When Saul failed in the task demanded by G-d, for being a pc centrist, Shmuel looked for a replacement who was as different as different could be.  Saul was tall and impressive-looking, raised to inherit the manor.  David was small, with red hair and unforgettable eyes, the son sent out to work.


So was Shmuel.  His mother raised him with a strong work ethic, and at the youngest age, he was apprenticed to Eli the Priest in Shiloh.  It's not easy for a mother to leave a young child in the hands of others, but Chana knew that her son had a job to do.


And now we have a job to do, too. We pray for a new Shmuel to save our nation and bring it strong Jewish Leadership. Today I was among a group of women at Tel Shiloh.  All of us from different backgrounds, but we feel the power of Shiloh, the same power that Chana felt thousands of years ago.

This coming Wednesday, there will be a demonstration in Paris Square, Jerusalem, 10am, demanding that Olmert Resign Now, immediately and an end to the games our leaders and politicians keep playing.