Don't Get So Excited! <b>There's A Trick</b>

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Yes, There's Always a Trick!

Olmert's too smart to just fade away.  And he hasn't resigned.  He's just planning on resigning.  At least that's
All this excitement over his "resignation plans" reminds me of the people spending their winnings before the money's in their hands.
what he says.  I'll believe it when I see it.

I'm ready for a new protest movement:

The law is very complicated. 

Background: Basic Law and Resignation of Prime Minister
Dr. Aaron Lerner IMRA 30 July 2008

While Prime Minister Olmert clearly stated that he would resign after the
election of a new Kadima head in the upcoming Kadima primaries, Israel Radio
has been broadcasting the following clarification in its hourly news
bulletins starting with the 9 PM news:

"Our state affairs correspondent Shmuel Tal clarifies that the person who is
elected to head Kadima will be asked to form a government and until he
succeeds in doing it Olmert will continue to serve as prime minister. If
the new chairman of Kadima fails to form a government Olmert will serve as
prime minister until after the coming general elections." click for complete article

All this excitement over his "resignation plans" reminds me of the people spending their winnings before the money's in their hands.  Ehud Olmert has not yet resigned.

The Kadima Party, full of egotistical opportunists all running to grab "the ring."  Actually, one very astute member of its leadership has been very quiet.  You always see him loyally at Olmert's side.  I wouldn't be surprised if when the dust settles after an inconclusive Kadima Primary, Tzachi Hanegbi will suddenly appear looking very mature and competant.

It breaks my heart to think that Geula Cohen's son is Ehud Olmert's protege`, but it seems pretty obvious.

Don't Get So Excited! There's A Trick

I'm a CPA's daughter and a lawyer's mother;  I'm very grounded and pragmatic.  As far as I'm concerned, until Ehud Olmert actually hands in a letter of resignation and the "cancellation" time is up, he hasn't resigned, and I'm not celebrating.  So far, like his dramatic announcement of Prostate Cancer, which never needed treatment, this resignation is just a smoke screen.