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By Batya Medad
7/10/2008, 12:00 AM
yes, Disengaged

I guess I'm presently typical of your typical non-Israeli.
That's how I feel here in New York. I rarely get on a computer and don't hear the radio, nor see newspapers, at least not more than once or twice a week at best.
I gave up trying to find news about Israel on TV.

Headlines are about Billy Joel's ex-wife the famous model and her very peculiar marriage with her soon to be additional "ex." There's also important news about Madonna and her "admirer."

So, I don't know at all what is going on. I guess I'm presently typical of your typical non-Israeli. News topic among people here concern the price of gas for the car and whether they're voting for Obama or McCain.

And yes, there are some great sales. Lord & Taylor have some things 50%off sales price. With the dollar down, bargains. But why is the dollar down? Nobody seems to know. Probably all the outsourcing.

Next week, G-d willing, I'll be back in the real world, but at present, I'm disengaged.