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Musician profile: Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock

By Ben Bresky
7/9/2008, 12:00 AM

I recieved an email in response to my blog about depressing Jewish music.


Hi. I was trying to post a comment on your blog, letting people know about Lenny Solomon, one of my all-time favorite Jewish musicians. Please let your readers know about Lenny's music. He lives in Israel, and he's been doing both original and parody Jewish Rock 'N Roll since the 80s. He made Aliyah in the 1990s. I have really enjoyed his music since he started, and think your readers would benefit as well. His website is

Fusion Authority

Thank you for your letter. My collegue Malkah Fleisher and I have a disagreement about Lenny Solomon. She loves the parody songs and I love the originals. Lenny recently released an album of originals called Osher V'Osher which is very good. I saw him rock them out at the Beit Shemesh music festival. But I personally am turned off by parodies. Once we played "Abarbanel" which is a parody of the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann, and I found it so annoying I took out the CD in the middle of the song. But Lenny Solomon is indeed talented and we have interviewed him many times on Israel National Radio. Several years ago during the expulsion from Gush Katif, we had a special broadcast and were taking a lot of phone calls One of them was Lenny Solomon, just calling up as a regular guy tuning in.

Another anecdote, in America I used to work at Yakov's Kosher Pizza. Saturday night was our busiest time. One Saturday night no one came in. I mean, almost no one, except for Mike and B.J. who came in every day and ordered a small drink, half Coke half Diet Coke. Then finally at about midnight when we were about to close, a couple guys came in for pizza. It was Lenny Solomon and some of the members of Shlock Rock. They had a concert that night and it was as if the entire Jewish community had attended.

I have a new article up on the band Ingathering check it out by clicking here.

In my mp3 player at the moment: Israeli trance DJ Astrix, folk-rock group David "Harpo" Abramson and the Neshamot, and A Shur Thing by Rabbi Moshe Shur and Sons.