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Poetry submissions wanted!

By Ben Bresky
7/3/2008, 12:00 AM
I want you to email me your poems of Jewish and / or Israeli subject matter. I will read them on the air. Last year I did this and got some great submissions. The Three Weeks before Tisha B'Av is a good opportunity to take a break from music and focus on poetry, which often doesn't get much coverage. So all you amateur writers our there, here is your chance. If you're a famous, published author, feel free to send me material as well. You can also request famous Jewish poems. For example one year I read Uri Zvi Greenberg. But reading original material is more fun, I think. Email me at and put in the subject line: Poetry Submission (this way it won't get deleted as spam). Here is a video of a Jewish poet that I hope to interview soon.