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America's Arab Allies?

By Michael Freund
6/22/2008, 12:00 AM

Look at the company that America is keeping.

Here is a story I came across at the Kuwait Times about the Kuwaiti Interior Minister's announcement that unaccompanied women will not be granted visas to visit the country.

Note the headline, which indicates how Kuwait's government views women who travel by themselves.

This of course speaks for itself, and says a great deal about the kind of regimes that Washington is backing throughout the Arab world.

But don't expect to read about this in the mainstream liberal media in the West - after all, most journalists are too busy focusing on Israel's alleged mistreatment of the Palestinians to take notice of how America's Arab allies treat half of their own citizenry.


Local News

'Kuwait will not admit whores'

Published Date: June 22, 2008

KUWAIT: Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled, the Minister of Interior, said that the decision to grant visit visas to residents in GCC countries would not make Kuwait easily accessible to prostitutes. Kuwait will remain a clean country, reported Al-Rai. He also emphasized that visas would be limited to people "holding high profile jobs and visiting Kuwait for business," he said.

"Women will not be allowed to enter Kuwait unless accompanied by her husband or she is arriving for official business with a major company," he reassured.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the parliamentary committee for 'alien practices,' MP Jamaan Al-Harbash warned of the possible consequences of randomly allowing GCC residents to enter Kuwait.

Further, Al-Harbash said that he had already field a parliamentary enquiry on the matter two weeks ago.