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The Unthinkable

By Batya Medad
6/16/2008, 12:00 AM

Maybe I'm just old, but decades ago when I used to proudly dance down Fifth Avenue at the Salute to Israel Parade, I had no doubt that your typical Israeli was an unabashed patriot.

And they were.

That was before the peace parasite took hold of the kishkes here like a tapeworm, or maybe more like the
The Arabs don't want peace... that's why they're bombing Ashkelon, the Negev and Sderot, all pre-1967 Israel
seductive snake in the Garden of Eden.  Most of the population has been seduced by images of easy peace, "just give up a little unnecesary territory," listen to the claps and cheers of world leaders...

After the Six Days War, the world was in awe. 

  • We could have, we should have annexed every inch, every centimeter of Land. 
  • We could have, we should have built massive new modern Jewish cities in Judea, Samaria, Gaza.  Nobody protested the establishment of Yamit, nor the agricultural communities in that area.
  • We could have, we should have banished all the resident Arabs who wouldn't pledge to recognize our sovereinty and obey our laws.

If we had just done that, acted like proud victors and celebrated Victory Day, rather than Jerusalem Day...

But instead we apologized for winning.  And we waited for the "call."  Someone had this fantasy that the defeated Arab countries would be sorry that they had attacked and lost and would offer us "peace" in exchange for the land we had won.  There's a major mistake in this theory.  The Arabs don't want peace, not at any price.  They want us dead and gone.  And that's why they're bombing Ashkelon, the Negev and Sderot, all pre-1967 Israel.  Just a few years ago, that would be unthinkable, and it would have been more unthinkable that we're sitting on our hands, passively waiting.  Waiting for what?  Good question.

Considering that barely two years ago, major Israeli cities in the north were attacked and we made no attempt to destroy the enemy, just "reduce" the violence.  Unthinkable...