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I love the Arutz Sheva jukebox!

By Ben Bresky
6/15/2008, 12:00 AM

I love the Arutz Sheva jukebox. When I am working and want some background music, I just click on one of the hour long streams and just let it play. My favorite used to be Ehud Banai mix. But now I am into New Mellow Selection 284 because it has Kobi Aflalo. You can check it out at:

The first time I heard of Kobi Aflalo, I was in the Central Bus Station with my friend David and he asked me if I every played Kobi Aflalo on my show. I told him I never heard of him before. So we went right into Tower Records on the second floor and asked if they had him. He had just released his debut album and they had it as number 1 on the rack. I like the first track a lot, Shir Gaguim. The rest is a littler too mellow for me. I found a cool video of him singing Yosef Karduner’s Shir Lemaalot on the internet.

But back to the Arutz Sheva Jukebox... This is the next best thing to a Jewish Pandora. If I want an hour of Lag BaOmer music, it's there. All accapella music mix? It’s there. David likes the songs by Ariel Zilber because they’re political. I like the new Hassidic selection because they added a lot of “original” music, meaning Moshav Band, Yosef Karduner and other Carlebach influenced stuff. The Hebrew Jukebox, or Tevat Neginah looks the same but has some different selections. Check it out at:

The French Arutz Sheva site has a jukebox too, but instead of lists, they have a separate page and a short biography of each musician. I spent an hour or so listening to Haim Moshe. Check it out at:

And yes, David, they have Ariel Zilber in there too. David speaks a little French, but If you don’t speak French, you can always use Google Translate at