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The "Real Issues"

By Tzvi Fishman
6/12/2008, 12:00 AM

Presumably, readers who accuse me of avoiding the "real issues" are referring to the political coruption in Israel, to the ill-fated and abjectly secular policies of our government leaders, and to what readers see as a lack of political activism and protest on the part of the Israeli public.

This is indeed the present situation, but the fact is that the majority of my readers are Diaspora Jews who, by and large, exert absolutely no influence on what goes on in Israel. Except for wealthy Jews who can contribute to relevant organizations, Diaspora Jews are simply not in the ballgame when it comes to affecting positive change in Israel. For me to write blogs complaining about this politician or that, or blogs offering strategies for reform or rebellion, would have no meaning or practical application, because the Diaspora Jew isn't here to take a part in the struggle. My Israeli readers would probably agree with what I wrote, but this would be like preaching to the already convinced. Nothing would be gained by it. They are here. They know what the problems are. So why waste my time writing what everyone already knows just to see my name in print?

Instead, I use the opportunity that I have on this blog to speak to Diaspora Jews about something they can change, and that is their ongoing life in the Diaspora, in foreign countries, when the Master of the World has miraculously returned us to our cherished homeland after an exile of 2000 years. What are they waiting for? Why do they prefer gentile lands over our own? Why do they cling to foreign identities and raise their children to believe that they are Americans, and Frenchmen, and proud Mexicans like everyone else? I ask them these questions, hoping that they will wake up to the hypocrisy of their lives.

For an assimilated Jew who has no connection to his Jewishness or to Israel, OK, I realize that convincing him is like talking to someone in Timbuktu. But for a reader of Arutz 7, who cares enough about his Jewishness and Israel to religiously follow a religious Zionist website, he is very close, and just needs an outstreched hand, or a tug and a shove to climb out of the mud.

Secondly, as I have emphasized in the past, one of the major "real issues" is indeed the failure of Diaspora Jewry to respond to the clear, obvious, and Divine call for the Jewish People to return to the Land of Israel. To what is this like? To a flashlight that has a battery missing. If it has three batteries, but requires four, it won't work. The light won't go on. So too with the Jewish People. We are a whole. If a part of us is missing, the light doesn't go on. 

Come help light the light

So brothers and sisters, if you really want to affect change in Israel, if you really want the light to shine here, then come. Bring your batteries. We're waiting.