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United States Supports Corrupt Foreign Leader

By Batya Medad
6/11/2008, 12:00 AM

This brings me back to the days of Papa Doc and all sorts of small "pro US" countries in Asia, Africa, South and Central America.  Lots has been written about the tangled web of drug lords and the CIA.
Sorry Condi, democracy won't overcome terrorism. If you really believed it you wouldn't support your government's invasion of Iraq

But really.  What great adventure stories will be written about how Bush II helped keep his buddy Olmert in power?  Maybe Tzvi Fishman can write the screenplay, juxtapositioning Talansky's interrogation with the distracting pomp of the Bush visit.

The United States's Bush II and Condi Rice have a dream, an agenda, and they won't let anything like Olmert's legal problems get in the way.  The pipeline for sending financial data necessary for the case has been slowed down.

And strangely ironic, while Bush II thinks nothing of sending American soldiers thousands of miles from home to attack an enemy who is no threat to the survival of the United States, Israel is taking the opposite track.  Even though our enemies, who attack our civilian populations without an restrictions, unabashedly proclaim their aim is to destroy us, we Israelis have generals who think that if we just wait patiently enough, the Arabs will stop.  Yes, I'm sure you need a good laugh. 

This sort of method sometimes works when I'm teaching.  When some of the kids want to pay attention and others are making noise, I speak more softly, so the good kids will tell the bad ones to keep quiet, because they want to hear me.  Sorry, but it doesn't work with terrorists, especially a a nation of terrorists.  They see it as weakness and they just fight harder.  In the classroom it only works if a certain percentage of the students really want to study.  If nobody does, I may as well take out my crocheting.  Actually that may work.  No, I don't stab the students with my crochet hook.  I just tell them that I have better things to do with my energy that yell at them.  They don't want to study, so I'm not going to waste my time doing nothing.

And: Sorry Condi, democracy won't overcome terrorism.  If you really believed it you wouldn't support your government's invasion of Iraq.  I dare you to take over Gaza!  Try policing it, clean it up!  Why should we have to wipe up your bloody mess?  If you love the pseudostinians so much, move in; be its first Prime Ministress.

In the meantime, why don't we hear protests from America about its support of Olmert?  Let's squeeze him out.  I'm pushing from my end, and you guys have to push from yours, deal?