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Please Pray for a Fellow Jew - Update in Talkbacks

By Tzvi Fishman
5/26/2008, 12:00 AM

I am writing this talk/back for my very best friend. I have never been on this blog before. My name is Major Dr. B'zalel Ben Ya-akov.

Lt. Col. Dovid Ben Leizer was rushed to the hospital 9 days ago. He is in critical condition and is not expected to live. I say this with the greatest sorrow in my heart. I had served with this hero for 13 years.
There is no way I can explain in this short talk/back what he has meant to me, and so many other fellow soldiers. He is the most humble, honest, religious, toughest, and the most incredibly intelligent man I have ever met. Did you know that the Col. Has four Master degrees and a PHD in Econmics. He is to humble to brag, so I will say it for him. The Col. before he was rushed to the hospital wrote a long answer to this talk/back. He asked his sons to remeber to post it on this particular t/b. His youngest son is a well known Doctor and has been at his side everyday.

His family is extremely close knit. It seems funny to me as sick as he was, he refused to go to the hospital until he finshed his writting. The letter he wrote is quite long and I will probably have to finish it in a 2nd t/b.

I have had to go back and read these blogs from Mr. Fishman and these t/bs. Much of what the Col. has written is to specific people on this blog.

As for now I would ask you all regardless to how you feel about Col. Leizer, that you say a prayer for his recovery (Baruch Hashem).

The Col. Is the toughest man I know, and I am sure he will pull through this, as he has done so many times before. I do not know what Hashem has planned for this old soldier, but I do know it is significant.

Major Dr. B'zalel Ben Ya-akov
Chicago, Ill USA

B'zalel Ben Ya-akov, Chicago ILL. USA (26/05/08)