The Wrong Participant and the Wrong Message

Yisrael Medad,

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לבן ריק
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Yisrael Medad
Yisrael Medad is a revenant resident of Shiloh, in the Hills of Efrayim north of Jerusalem. He arrived in Israel with his wife, Batya, in 1970 and lived in the renewing Jewish Quarter, eventually moving to Shiloh in 1981. Currently the Menachem Begin Center's Information Resource Director, he has previously been director of Israel's Media Watch, a Knesset aide to three Members of Knesset and a lecturer in Zionist History. He assists the Yesha Council in it's contacts with the Foreign Media in a volunteer capacity, is active on behalf of Jewish rights on the Temple Mount and is involved in various Jewish and Zionist activist causes. He contributes a Hebrew-language media column to Besheva and publishes op-eds in the Jerusalem Post and other periodicals. He also blogs at MyRightWord in English and, in Hebrew, at The Right Word....

I hadn't know that President Bush participated in a "Roundtable with Israeli Youth" last Friday.


In itself, what's the problem?  Well, there was one student who is quoted thus:

the young student said, “I’m religious, but I want to give the Arabs land,’’ he said. “I feel I have a good life. Why don’t they get a good life too?”

Here he is:


"Giving back territory"?  (Actually, I think even Bush is looking at him a bit increduously.)  Well, besides the error in inviting him or, maybe, in not balancing him, - after all Israel is a democracy and pluralism is a freedom that we all cherish and Bush had seen the ruckus in the Knesset the previous day - there is an historical truth that was left by the wayside.

What the student could - and should - have said is "even if we wanted to give back territory, Mr. Bush, something we were forced to do in 1923 when the British removed all of TranKordan from the administrative control of the Mandate authorities giving that part of the historic Jewish national homeland as promised in the Holy Bible and again in 1947 when the UN partitioned what was left of the original homeland area, it didn't help at the time and will not help now or in the future.  The Arab hostility and opposition to a Jewish state anywhere in the Middle East is entrenched religiously, politically and culturally.  You are, in pressing the two-state solution, making a egregious error..  And that error is not only endangering Israel, it's existence and the security of its populace, but it is one counter-productive to America's long-term well-being as well."

Ah, to be a student again.


White House photos by Joyce N. Boghosian